Identifying and Dismantling Psychiatric Oppression

Identifying and Dismantling Psychiatric Oppression is intended to educate participants about the myriad forms psychiatric oppression takes, so that each instance can be clearly seen and critiqued.

Psychiatric oppression is an institutionalized form of sanism that denies the stories and lived experiences of individuals who experience emotional distress, or are labelled as disordered by mental health professionals. Systemic psychiatric oppression consists of discrimination, marginalization, disempowerment, dehumanization, corruption, cultural hegemony, coercion, and violence toward targeted individuals.

Once we have a coherent picture of what  psychiatric oppression is, then we can more carefully choose alternative systems and respond in a more just and supportive manner to emotional distress.

This workshop may be taught on its own or in conjunction with other material on biological psychiatry, alternative paradigms, and intersectional understandings of oppression


Identifying and Dismantling Psychiatric Oppression Handbook v1.23 (February 3rd, 2014)

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