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White Men and Me

It is increasingly disconcerting that the people who have been the most mean and hurtful toward me are, in the majority of cases, white men. In many of those cases, these men attacked or undermined me in direct retaliation to my promoting transparency, cooperation, sharing, critical analysis, and anti-oppressive values.

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Rhythms of Change

Imagine a horse that desperately wants to swim like a fish, or a sloth that longs to move through the trees like a lemur. Sometimes I feel like that. These past two days I have been at prison abolition and reform events. I am meeting a lot of wonderful people and find myself enjoying a lot of forward-moving energy. I want to write, go to...

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How to Welcome the Unwelcome

These past several weeks have been hellish for me, on and off. I’ve been riddled with depression, self-doubt, and anxiety about starting this new venture. At first I didn’t really know why. The surface level stories were compelling: fallings out with several important women in my life (mentors and lovers) played a big part. But the deeper issues that were being raised were much more...