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Misfit Meditation in Cambridge starts March 26

Update: The class has been postponed due to complications with securing an adequate space. Stay connected via meetup for the announcement of the next class! Registration is live for a new Misfit Meditation series via my meetup group. What does “Misfit Meditation mean?” For me, meditation is a tool for self-healing and deep insight so that we can become more effective and integrated people. When we learn...

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On Trying Something New

Welcome to Flock Forward! There’s an exquisite deliciousness bordering on soul-crushing anxiety with trying something new, out of the ordinary, and undeniably public. I’ve been procrastinating showing this site to you all for weeks as I’ve worked through some of my own darkest places around shame, worthiness, power, and privilege. I’ve peered through an immense territory between believing that this site should become huge and famous...