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How to Welcome the Unwelcome

These past several weeks have been hellish for me, on and off. I’ve been riddled with depression, self-doubt, and anxiety about starting this new venture. At first I didn’t really know why. The surface level stories were compelling: fallings out with several important women in my life (mentors and lovers) played a big part. But the deeper issues that were being raised were much more...

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On Trying Something New

Welcome to Flock Forward! There’s an exquisite deliciousness bordering on soul-crushing anxiety with trying something new, out of the ordinary, and undeniably¬†public. I’ve been procrastinating showing this site to you all for weeks as I’ve worked through some of my own darkest places around shame, worthiness, power, and privilege. I’ve peered through an immense territory between believing that this site should become huge and famous...

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The Quiet Desperation of Never Being Caught

[Originally Posted on Mad In America РNovember, 2013] I am sitting on a train right now, watching the rushes of orange foliage, on my way to teach a pilot workshop raising awareness about anti-oppressive mental health paradigms at NASCO, the national cooperative living conference. I hope to report on the experience next week, and before I do, I would first like to share something about...