Private Sessions Healing and Personal Change Consulting

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I am available locally in Greenfield, MA and via Skype for personal change and healing facilitation. Individuals, duos, and small groups are welcome to inquire.

About my Facilitation

For me, the goal that you will experience lasting embodied insight and change.

My personal change facilitation is grounded in over a decade of training in body-based leadership, healing, and personal development. Read more about my history here.

What Happens

Each relationship is a collaborative process.

First, we spend some time getting to know each other.

The general pattern is that you will offer a specific thought, feeling, or behavior you would like to change, or an inner conflict you would like to resolve. I use tools at my disposal to help guide you through a process of making friends with your internal parts, and dramatically transforming them.

If what we try does not help you get the change you are looking for, then we will try something else or I may recommend another practitioner whom I think would be better suited to your needs.

Parts Work

My primary choice of method is the technique of Core Transformation.

Some sessions may also include The Work of Byron Katie and other skills I have studied and found beneficial for myself.

The understanding that has most helped in my own healing journey is that I experience a kind of fragmentation in response to experiences of conflict, neglect, and trauma.

These separated parts, when they take charge, are responsible for my addictive habits, anxieties, and unconscious or reactive behaviors. By doing parts work, I am able to integrate these “lost” parts into the whole of our consciousness,  transforming and recruiting them as formidable allies, rather than hindrances. In order to do this work, I start with a practice to trust that the difficult parts of me (the ones that may be critical, confusing, ashamed, mean, scared and so forth) have some important gift or message for me.

After choosing what aspect you would like to change, I will guide you through this gentle process. Many people experience unconscious needs and wants that underlie the part they want to change, and discover the deepest and most core desires that are guiding this part. From there, the process can take a restorative journey connecting that deep need to the immediate problems at hand.

I believe that this process is particularly powerful for me because it operates on both a conscious level, like behavioral therapy, and also on an unconscious pychospiritual level like shamanism and energy work.


Sometimes individuals I work with benefit from guidance through somatic self-healing practices, and light touch energy-work practices. If desired, I am available to share experience with shamanic and energy healing methods. This is an intuitive process that involves, with permission, journeying into your inner world with you, and holding space as your body establishes its own deep healing process on the levels of the unconscious, archetypes, and direct body awareness.

About you

The people who I work with are those who have a sincere desire to reduce their own suffering and those in the world around them. My healing and personal change work is rooted in a spirit of activism and flourishes with a passion for social justice. You may or may not consider yourself to be an activist, but you do feel a deep and tender commitment to make the world a better place for beings. I am open to working with people who identify with any gender, class, race, sexuality, ability, culture-of-origin, psychiatric history, and criminal record. I find myself most mutually connected with people who feel like misfits in one way or another, including:

  • Feminists
  • Trauma survivors
  • Psychiatric patients/survivors
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Drug users
  • Healers
  • Designers
  • Human-service workers
  • Mental health professionals
  • People of privilege
  • People who have experienced oppression
  • Teachers
  • Organizers
  • Queer and non-binary people
  • Geeks/Nerds
  • Individuals in the BDSM community
  • Those who identify as neurodivergant

The techniques and view that I offer to help facilitate private sessions are grounded in several systems that I have studied in some depth. These areas of experience inform an intuitive and personalized approach to each client I work with. They include:

I  am also informed by less robust experience in the following disciplines:

  • Sufi Healing
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Art&Expressive Therapy
  • Gestalt Awareness Therapy

All actions are offered on a gift basis. In short, this means that you will pay only my immediate expenses and then, after our work together, you may offer me whatever feels most in line with your level of gratitude as payment or trade.

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In the case of an acute emotional crisis I am sometimes available for extended support sessions.