Personal Support

This page is for folks outside of my immediate geographic area looking for friendship and support from somebody who has “been there” with experiences of neurodiversity, suicidal thoughts, acute emotional distress, extreme states, hearing voices, chronic pain, drug overuse, and other addictive habits.

Recovering from the impact of trauma, oppression, grief, anxiety, humiliation, psychosis, pain, and addictions can be challenging and time-intensive. As somebody who has been walking that path myself for many years, I am available to engage in an open-ended relationship of mutuality and respect with you.

Having been trained in Intentional Peer Support, I believe in the basic principles of

1) Learning together

2) Having a genuine human relationship

3) Moving from fear to hope

My approach presumes that we are fundamentally equal and I will not engage in any roles in which I am “higher” or “better” than you. With this starting point I find it is often possible to form a connection that is healing and growthful for everybody involved.

My experience includes live-in peer support roles and community-based co-caring. I currently am a member of the Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community where I engage in mutual support daily. References available.

I am also available in the case of personal or community crisis.

All actions are offered on a gift basis. In short, this means I don’t ask for anyting. You may offer me whatever feels most in line with your level of gratitude as payment or trade.