Offered Forms of Action

My greatest joys are facilitating groups and individuals toward their desired change. This includes supporting individuals and communities through difficult times and crises.

My belief is that these practices are key acts of social change. By choosing to eschew limiting and oppressive mainstream systems, together we can built a culture of emotional wellness that is sane and empowering for everybody involved.

My availability includes:

  • Personal Change Facilitation – Transforming and healing hurt parts, “demonic” thoughts, and inner conflict.
  • Intentional Peer Support – Mutual growth and learning with others who are recovering from trauma, anxiety, oppression, drug overuse, and major emotional distress
  • Crisis Response – Experienced support for crisis situations in groups and individuals experiencing extreme states with an intention toward avoiding coercion.
  • Healing – Energy work, shamanism, and intuitive healing for individuals who want help changing on unconscious levels.
  • Meditation Instruction – Individual mentorship for students of Buddhist meditation and embodied self-healing techniques.

All actions are offered on a gift basis. In short, this means that you will pay only my immediate expenses and then, after our work together, you may offer me whatever feels most in line with your level of gratitude as payment or trade.