About Matthew

167689_504944626412_8251554_nI am an individual desperate for a more just world. I support efforts to dismantle and create alternatives to white supremacist, colonial, cis-hetero-patriarchal abelism capitalist systems.

I practice skills for embodied personal change, social justice, emotional wellness, and community coherence. I seek out ways of relating that are empowering, context-sensitive, and trauma-informed.

I am particularly interested in the lived intersections in our culture between emotional wellness, race, class, gender, ability, community, and spirituality.


I have been an activist, organizer, and practitioner of methods for insight and change since 2002.

Since 2007, I have worked formally with others in private healing and peer-support contexts.

In January 2012, while operating an alternative mental wellness household, I helped to launch and maintain Mad In America, where I served as the web developer and community manager for two years.

Prior to that time I have played many different community roles, including a year as the programs and facilities manager at a Buddhist retreat center.

Some credentials I’ve come across…

Intentional Peer Support 

Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner via a several-hundred hour course in Core Synchronism and natural therapeutics with Alexander Love.

Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Naropa University, where I studied contemplative psychology, religious studies, and traditional eastern arts, with a senior thesis focused on gift economies in the information age. Also including 3 semesters of study at UMass’s Social Thought and Political Economy program.

-Trained Meditation Instructor with the Dharma Ocean Foundation.

-Trained facilitator in the Hearing Voices Network.

-Certified Teacher of Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention.

-I have received personal assistance and mentorship from several other healers and trainers, most prominently Kristin Luce, Duff McDuffee, and Thea Elijah.

Find out more about the private sessions and workshops I now offer.

I also provide gift based web development and project management services for clients whose missions have to do with wellness, community, and social justice.